More Changes

IMG_0596 2.jpgSo many things have changed since Kent has returned home and while he was gone. I imagine I will find myself bouncing from subject to subject.  We now have three kids left at home.  Mads moved out last fall and works for our daughter in law full time.  So we have Noah who is a senior this year and the only one of our six kids to attend public school full time past first grade.  Sami and Chloe will continue to be home schooled for the remainder of their education as far as we can see at the moment.

A few months ago Kents mom had a serious case of vertigo that gave her and all of us a bit of a scare.  She called me and said she needed to go to the doctor because she had moved suddently and felt like she was going to pass out.  She asked if Noah could come help her from the bathroom to her chair in the living room as she knew he was across the street getting ready for school.  I proceeded to call Noah and tell him he needed to run over and help grandma from the bathroom to her chair.  He like any 17 year old boy accessed the situation quickly by letting me know he was only going to help her from the bathroom to the living room if her pants were on.  I assured him the old bird was fully clothed and he was able to proceed. (Old Bird, is a nickname of endearment she loves.) I guess you have to know Kents family and their sense of humor to really understand. Mine on the other hand do not get it or care to, I’m so glad I’m part of his family now.

That particular day, was total chaos.  Colleen had let me know the night before she may need to go to the doctor due to symptoms she was having.  Mads our 18 year old had gone snow boarding with her older brother the night before and had called saying she was in the car waiting for her brother to finish snowboarding.  She was in a lot of pain and felt like she was going to vomit from falling her first time attempting snowboarding.  I told her she needed Kenters to take her to the hospital immediately.  But, the two of them apparently didn’t think it was necessary.  So I called Mads that morning and she barely answered the phone.  So I went to her tiny and I mean like 125 sq foot studio apartment.  That was after tredging up the stairs on the second floor of the old house turned apartment building with my bad knee.  I let myself in and my poor girl can barely move.  It scared me terribly.  I got her to her feet and was going to take her to the hospital, but she said she felt like vomiting so I laid her back down and called an ambulance.

I thought they would be able to put her in my suv and I could just take her myself.  When they talked to her they decided she needed to go by ambulance. This tiny little thing was then taped to the stretcher flat on her back so she couldn’t move a muscle.  I tend to laugh in awkward moments which didn’t help the situation at all.  Thankfully, this particular child of mine has inherited the same trait so she totally understood, but wasn’t any happier with me at the time.  I couldn’t call Kent because he was at the Fort.  I called the Fort (half way house)and they relayed the message to him that he needed to meet me at the hospital in which he did.

Once at the hospital they ran tests on her and determined she bruised her tailbone maybe broke it.  She decided she broke her butt.  It was a good story for her to tell.  I totally sympathized having done the same thing around the age of fourteen after falling off  a horse and as far as I can remember I walked hunched in half for a month after that.  Of course, my mom doesn’t remember that, but I sure do.

All this happened with Kent at the Fort.  I basically had no help except that I was able to run decisions by him.  I was incredibly thankful for that.  I think that was one of the hardest thiings about having him gone was I always second guess myself and want to reassure myself by running things by him.  Mads also, while Kent was gone needed to purchase a car.  Her jeep was on its last leg without some major work and had to be sent to the field to be stored until her dad was home to repair it.  Working full time, she needed a reliable car.

Thankfully she did the work of finding the car.  All I had to do was test drive it, have it checked out by a friend who knows cars, apply for the loan, sign the papers, pick up the car make sure the car was insured and deliver it to the child.  She drove the car for three whole weeks before some moron ran a stop sign in front of her causing her to essentially total the car.

This eventually after three months of fighting the morons insurance company ended up benefiting me in that I bought the car back from the insurance company for 400.00 fixed the car for 500.00 and am hoping my 15 year old will be driving it in the near future. It also brought the hunt for another car and another loan for Mads. So the previous list that went into buying a car happened once again on my own.

I say all that to bring me to the next decision I made.  Remember this started with Kents mom, the old bird having vertigo? Well I got some help with her that day.  Her daughter was able to take her to the doctor.  He just said she needed to take it easy that she would be fine.  There were no signs of stroke so she wanted to stay the weekend with us so she wouldn’t be alone.  The weekend stretched into the week and I thought that really wasn’t so bad and decided with her that she should move in with us.  We let Kent know that was our plan and not wasting much time once Kent was home started making plans for her to move in with us and our three kids.

Here we are and mom has been with us for three months.  She gave her notice  as Kent says a month to early.  He kept complaining as he built her suite that if we had just gave him an extra month he would have been able to get the room complete.  Ummm, not true because he didn’t have it complete the next month.  As of now we have built a 400 sq ft room in our garage which is attached to the house.  We have over a 2000 sq ft garage so this really wasn’t a problem at all.  The only issue was we had never built something from scratch before, but we belived in ourselves.  The room is built, has heat and air, lights, sheetrock, carpet, tile, doors and most importantly to her, cable.  We still have to build her kitchenette and bathroom.  We’ve been a bit burned out lately and need to get back full force finishing the room.  For the time being she’s happy, her dogs happy and so are we.  Frankly, she stays in her room.  She has mentioned there aren’t locks on the door.  We let her know, yes, there are locks,  they are on this side.  We haven’t acutally locked her in, although I’m not ready to say I wouldn’t do that ….

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