Where do I begin?

IMG_0887So much has happened since I last wrote.  I am not tech savy at all…. one of the reasons I have always told hubby I keep him around.  The other reason is he always makes me laugh.  While Kent was gone I had my neighbor help me with some tech stuff and told him about why I keep hubby around.  He got a bit nervous.  I let him know although I was thankful for his tech savy self I planned on keeping my own hubby! I got a bit confused with all the places to post and save my posts.  So I stopped.

On January 11, of this year, I drove to Illinois to pick Kent up.  I then had four hours to get him to Fort Des Moines.  We had the option of him being transported by the prison, but of course I wanted to spend  any time with him that I could.  It was an emotional ride that I was not prepared for. I just thought I’d pick him up and pretty much pick up where we left off before his sentencing.  This was not the case.  He was quite emotional having left people in the prison he had grown close to.  This was confusing to me.  We also had a national reporter riding along asking questions and a major snow storm coming down on us.  The story the reporter has written has not come out yet for those wondering.

I dropped Kent off at the Fort, then the reporter at a restaurant close to the airport and headed home.  At this point I had a list of things I needed to get together for Kent and headed home to weather the winter storm.  The next few weeks were hard.  Very hard.  They were hard because of the most incredibly moronic rules of the place Kent was staying enforced.  The first thing on our minds was him finding a job.  I was running out of cash and desperately needed his financial support.  He needed a job and needed one fast as far as I could see and he was feeling the pressure.  This was not easy considering the confinments of the half way house. There were certain hours he could leave, no internet in which to search, time restraints on using his phone and was told once he got a job the fort had to visit to check everything out.  He had no transportation yet, as getting our vehicle there for him to use was another whole obstacle they put you through that we hadn’t had time to get approved for. He was not allowed to be self employed as he had been for the majority of his life.  The one time he tried using public transportation as the majority of the other inmates had to do, took him over an hour to get four miles away.  He had to report every move he made.  And they even tended to be more linient Kent towards him knowing his circumstances. I can’t imagine how people who have no support can succeed in that environment.

Once I talked Kent into actually getting his resume out there and and was able to convince him that he was worthy of a job other than something menial, he had multiple offers. He had never done his own resume and wasn’t quite sure how to do it, but the internet helps us overcome a lot of circumstances as I found out this past year and so did he.

He was hired despite him not being bilingual, but his knowledge of the business superceeded the language barrier.  Kent started the job and less than two weeks later we lost our oldest son to suicide.  I can’t at this time talk about his passing.  All I can say is it was and is horrific.  Someday I will share more about this time in our lives, but can’t as of yet.  Right now what I said about his passing is hard to bare.  We never imagined something like suicide happening in our family, not even a glimpse. It never occured to any of us and now we and all our children, extended family and people who knew us for years are thinking about it and dealing with the loss.

This past week I heard the weather report that the temperatures sounded perfect for camping.  I had been waiting for the opportunity for us to get away for a weekend. I let everyone know we were going.  Alhough our camper is weak and not a good investment, we ended up with no money into it thanks to a drunk hitting me and my very inadequate  carpenter skills, (past posts explain.) We had a great time. I pulled into one of two last camping spots at Lake Red Rock Friday afternoon.  I laid in an ice cold camper listening to hubby and the three of our six kids still at home sitting around a camp fire talking.  It was music to my ears.  Although the past few years have brought unbearable pain, I am able to see that we do have a future and we do have many happy times ahead of us.

There’s a lot to be said and things to discuss… This is a starting point… It is no where near the ending, but far from the beginning.  Life is a journey and I appreciate you being a part of ours.



3 Comments on “Where do I begin?

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  2. Shawnee- I loved reading your blog! It was great to see! I know the past 1 1/2 years have been incredibly stressful and painful for all of you! I am trusting our Lord wll uuse this time of immense trials for His good will!
    You are an incredibly. Brav e.
    Woman! Next time you folks camp at Red Rock, let me know! We would love to join you!
    Betty De Boef


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