What Happens Without Him

I am not sure how in the world I am supposed to get along without my hubby.  Although it has been a very long three months since he’s been gone, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  In fact most things have gotten harder.

Take the simple task of getting dressed.  I showed up at the prison with my shirt inside out. Kent noticed and suggested I run to the restroom to turn it the right way. That wasn’t the last time that happened. I was out and about a short time later and again realized my shirt was inside out.  I thought to myself, “I can’t even dress myself.”

Summer is here and I have four kids still home.  Although one is independent and has graduated she still lives here for the time being.  I also have my youngest grandson living here with his mama my oldest.

Last weekend we were able to stay home and just relax.  I was catching up on some much needed house cleaning and organizing.  My bathroom has drove me crazy since we moved here six years ago.  Living with my oldest who loves makeup and hair and all that has rubbed off on me a bit and I wanted to arrange my bathroom so that I could sit in the chair and do my hair and makeup rather than drive down the highway with my knee applying makeup. Although, I am a very good knee driver!

In order to do this I had to remove a couple of cupboards.  We have a very big master bathroom that also includes our closet.  The bathroom only has one sink, but two mirrors.  The whole thing has always looked “off” to me.  I have always been project oriented.  Pretty much the entire time we have lived in this house I have had to put projects on hold or they had to cost zero dollars. This project was to be no different, just a big of rearranging.

I started with removing the cupboards.  It was fairly simple as I just had to unscrew the anchors holding them in.  The small one came out easily, although when moved a pretty large mouse nest fell out of it. That alarmed me a bit. I knew it was a female as the nest made of toilet paper included a few pink feathers.  I was sure she had been decorating her nest making it beautiful with the obvious color she had added.

The hard part came with removing the large cabinet.  The screws all came out easily, but the previous owner had wiring  behind the cupboard and pushed the wires into the cabinet in order to put an outlet in the cabinet.  He never finished the outlet.  So in order to move the cabinet I had to push the wiring back through the cabinet.  They wouldn’t go through the small hole.  I attempted to push them through, and realized they were not going to fit through the small opening.  There were a pair of scissors within eye sight so I attempted to saw the hole bigger with the scissors. I sawed and sawed until “POP” and I jumped back scared crazy and thankful I didn’t get shocked. I decided I should probably shut the electric off to the house.

After shutting off the breaker I pushed the wires through the back and was able to move the cabinet to the kids bathroom that has two mirrors, one sink and no storage.  The cabinet being in their bathroom makes more sense at the moment.  I am not sure what I am going to do with my bathroom, but for now I have got it rearranged and all cleaned up.  Much less clutter.

During all this rearranging and moving of furniture, I was standing on a stool in my bathroom dusting some places I couldn’t reach on foot. Samantha was in my adjoining bedroom carrying on a conversation with me.  Chloe was in the bedroom next to mine and Noah was out in the garage working on a project of his own.  I looked over and spotted a mouse.  My first reaction was to scream.  I have no idea why that’s my first reaction.  It was actually embarrassing that I was afraid of this little creature who was clearly afraid of me as it was scurrying all around and ran into my bedroom.

Of course, once Samantha heard me scream she started screaming and jumped on the couch in my room.  Chloe came running in to see what the fuss was about.  She heard me on the phone calling Noah into the house letting him know us girls were under attack! In the meantime, Chloe goes to find her bright pink bb gun. Noah ran in the house as Chloe entered my room with her gun. I’m yelling at her not to shoot in the house!!  I had my camera at just the right moment.  And if you were able, you could press on the picture and hear all of us screaming.

Its been three or four days and I have not seen any more signs of a mouse.  I am a bit concerned as I have never seen a mouse this far into the home or signs of mice this time of year.  I really haven’t seen any signs since we got a cat two years ago.  We’ve had a garage cat named Aria and a fairly new cat in the house named Mark.  In the past when I saw evidence of mice it was always in the pantry in the kitchen.  I’m not sure what business the mouse has in my bathroom, but I’m hoping we scared her off, because I caught Mark snoozing in the kayak in the garage not having a care in the world.

The other day, my oldest called me in a frantic. She thought there was a tornado above her.  I asked where she was and sure enough my neighbor had informed me there was a tornado in the exact place my oldest was driving through. And later confirmed there was 138 mile an hour winds.  She asked in a panic what she should do.  I told her to shut up and breathe through her nose.  She continued screaming in which I said, “quit talking and breath.” I’m not a very comforting sort nor do I think to quickly.  She drove to three homes and found no one answering so decided to drive to a nearby town and stay in the Casey’s store until the storm passed.  After a period of time she and the baby came roaring down the driveway and finished watching the storm from the garage with the girls and I.

Thankfully we and all our property is safe from any damage.  The good Lord was watching over us once again.


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