Home At Last

I am so thankful to be home.  Being away from home for nine days basically roughing it is exhausting.  After the eventful evening I had on the last night camping I think it will be awhile before I am ready to head back over there.

I had a shorter visit with Kent on last Sunday since I had to close up the camper, pack the truck and drive four hours home.  When I got done with my visit and started closing up the camper I noticed the “hit” the camper took did more damage than I noticed the night before and the guy just flat out lied to me about part of the damage he did.

The first problem with the camper I noticed was the awning didn’t properly close and I had to push on the arms to get it aligned.  Once it was rolled up it didn’t fully latch to the camper.  It will be fine while its being stored, but once I go to pull it home it has to be fixed.  The second problem I found was the drawer under a door where he hit the camper wouldn’t open.  There is a small hole and deeper scratches the guy told me he didn’t do.   I told him, “no he had to have done it, there was no prior damage.”  I would know I power washed it for two hours before bringing it over.  Then I saw that the damaged part he said he didn’t do and said had obviously had prior damage because there was putty on the side was because when he hit the camper it tore off a latch that holds the door open.  That’s why there was putty on the camper. I couldn’t find the latch on the ground so he had apparently took it hoping I wouldn’t know what he had done. He had offered to reputty it.  He wanted to fix the damage himself he didn’t want to turn it into his insurance saying he’d have to pay a deductible.

I at the time didn’t want to upset him as I had heard how he was when he was upset all night. Screaming and fighting with his wife.  I was afraid to call the sheriff to make a report and then have to spend the night alone next to his camper.  And I didn’t want to talk to him while he was visibly intoxicated.

When I realized he had hit this piece off the camper and had to have taken it because it was nowhere to be found, then tried to make me think my camper was already damaged  I was furious.  He had not only lied but covered it up.  Then to fix the light he broke he took the light off his camper and taped it onto mine with electrical tape.  As if all that is supposed to make up for the hole he put in my camper.  I called the sheriff to make a report.  He asked if I wanted them to give him my number I said, “no, give me his number and I will give it to the insurance company. ” Thankfully I left the campground before the guy returned.

Chloe and I got on the road, stopped for gas and were on our way.  Then Chloe told me she was starving and had to eat.  She could not wait any longer, eighteen miles from the camper.  Sami had gone with her Grandma and Aunt so she could get home sooner.  I pulled into McDonald’s and ordered her a sandwich and a large fry.  We were going to share the fries.  After waiting in line for 15 minutes I got to the second window to get our food.  I was handed a sack with a sandwich and he started giving me a drink when I told him I didn’t order a drink I ordered a large fry.  He told me to check my receipt.  Then another guy came to the window and I told him I wanted a large french fry not a drink.  He told me to check my receipt.  I told him I would, but I didn’t care what the receipt said I wanted fries not a drink. Then they sent the manager to the window.  She yelled, “you aren’t getting fries.” I fought back, I said, “I have been waiting for fifteen minutes and I want what I ordered.” She said, you aren’t getting fries you didn’t pay for them.  I was so dumbfounded I was in a bit of shock.  She had walked away from the window, I told the kid working I will pay for the fries I didn’t purposely not pay for the fries.  So after a total of 25-30 minutes I got our fries and we were finally on the road.

Well the McDonald’s story made me laugh all the way home.  I did voice to text in writing out what happened in an email to Kent.  I had Chloe read it back to me since I had done the voice to text and wanted to make sure it sounded right.  We laughed for a good while because it sounded like I was this spoiled child trying to get my french fries and my mom wouldn’t let me have them.

We are home now and very thankful to have the shower forty feet away, a cold fridge to keep  food in and a nice thick mattress to lay my head on.  The yard looks like a jungle, but the mower is my escape time so I will gladly jump on it as soon as I have some free time.

Finding the “alone” time to mow proved difficult this week.  So I decided to have my little helper help me mow. A couple bungee cords and we were off.








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