Its Good Friday.  I think it is my favorite “Holiday.” I don’t know if it is the fond memories from when I was a kid or that its just a special time to celebrate our Saviors resurrection and the fact that I don’t feel pressured to commercialize this holiday.

My favorite memory of this holiday when I was a kid is, when I was about eight years old.  My mom had taken my sisters and I to a Good Friday Service at First Assembly in Indianola.  We lived in Lacona at the time, which is about thirty minutes away.  Someone in the car had to go to the bathroom.  It wasn’t me.  My mom pulled over on a gravel road in our little red chevel.  She didn’t get far down the road and we were stuck.  I think it was a level b road.  This  was back when we didn’t have cell phones so mom had to get out and walk to find someone to pull us out of the mud.  She gave me strict instructions that we were not to get out of the car.

I was the oldest and eight years old which meant I was to watch my two sisters, ages four and two.  I’m pretty sure this was the only time I fully obeyed my mother.  Being the obedient eight year old daughter I was at the time, my two year old sister said, “she needed to pee.”  I remember putting her off for as long as I could.  My four year old sister insisted the two year old could get out of the car and go.  But no, I wouldn’t allow it.  I did however tell her she could go in the car on the floor board.  And that’s what she did.  I can’t even remember my moms reaction.  I’m sure I was praised for obeying.

We haven’t had many “Easter memories,” with our kids as we didn’t really attend Good Friday services.  We always taught our kids what Easter is about and such.  One memory that does come to mind happened when we had lived in our current home on the highway for a year or two.  We had had a great Easter dinner and had settled in the living room with the family.  We were watching the “Passion of Christ.”  We had a knock on the door.  Kent didn’t want to answer it and we tried ignoring it.  The person didn’t give up.  He was out of gas.  Kent was thinking to himself, “its Easter, leave us alone.” The visitor told Kent he needed help.

Kent thought to himself, I’m here watching the “Passion of Christ, and I can’t just ignore this stranded traveler.  He took the traveler to town and got him some gas which he had to pay for and sent him on his way.  Kent won’t forget that night, because he was irritated that he was interrupted on a “Holiday” from his family and our time together.  He later was irritated with himself for being irritated and realized that he was able to bless this passerby.

This particular “Good Friday,” I am thankful, scared and wondering.  I am incredibly thankful for my savior saving me from my despicable self.  I can’t help but be afraid that I am not able to be all that my kids need me to be while their dad is gone.  I am wondering where my husband is.  I got two emails this morning.  The first one said, they are packing my stuff up and I am being moved.  I don’t know where I am going.  The second one said, my cousin Phil will be calling you. Phil? I didn’t know you had a cousin named Phil.   I’m assuming Phil is a newly acquired cousin, in the joint.  I haven’t received a call from cousin Phil or anyone else letting me know where my husband is.

I got these emails while I was getting one of the kids haircuts around 11:00.  I was in the car on the way home from getting his haircut, when I contemplated for a short time driving to the prison that I’m hoping he went to.  I figured if they left at noon and I left shortly after that I would at least be able to watch him being taken into the prison.  I then decided that was a bad idea and waited for cousin “Phil’s” phone call.  As evening approached and I hadn’t received a call I called the prison and asked if he was there.

The person I spoke to assured me he was.  I have no idea if the person who answered the phone knew what he was talking about.  I typically hear from Kent for very short times throughout the day.  Since I haven’t today, and considering what he said in the email earlier I am hoping and praying he has been moved.  If he has and its like I’ve heard it is when you go to a typical prison, it could be weeks before I hear from him.  I am certainly hoping I hear from him or cousin “Phil” soon.

After writing this I decided to try to call the facility that he had been told two and a half weeks ago that he would be moved to.  They told me he has been moved to their satellite camp.  Praise the Lord!  What a gift! The person I spoke to said Kent would be able to contact me by Monday.  In the meantime I will print out the visitor forms and get them sent in so hopefully I can see my hubby soon.

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