The Day From Hell

I should say week, but it hasn’t all been bad.  I have had many blessings this week.  Sometimes things just get so trying.  Today was supposed to be a quiet day.  The youngest girls were babysitting their nephews for the day, and I was going to lunch with a friend.  Then I had an alone day planned and I was going to get the house cleaned up which is sometimes difficult to get done with so many blessings living here.

This morning one of these great blessings I live with was refusing to give a ride to one of the other blessings.  Then the blessing who was being denied a ride to school  noticed their shirt on an older blessing.   That blessing decided to cut it off not just go take it off they got the scissors out and said,”here you can have your shirt.”  I think blessing number three was so upset because the complaining blessing number four is often seen wearing the clothing of blessing number three. As I was trying to calm down all the blessings, like five blessings chasing each other down, a cup of coffee went flying across the garage.  Thank God we all made it out alive. And no one was cut by flying glass or flying scissors.

After awhile things got settled down.  I went to lunch with my friend and spilled my guts and balled right there in the restaurant.  Then I got a call from Kent, I stepped outside and took it.  He hasn’t been able to call or email much this week.  The prison is on lockdown and has been all week.

The reason the prison is on lockdown is a female guard was either stabbed and either raped or the inmate attempted to rape her.  I am not sure which.  This did not happen on Kents floor, but when something like this happens the entire place is put on lockdown.  Lockdown means they get no or very limited phone and email privileges.  They don’t get to go outside.  They do not get commissary. Not getting commissary is especially hard in this facility because portions of their food provided by the prison is being controlled by the gang bosses. As in, the gang bosses take a portion of the food which makes the other inmates portions smaller. This is a period of time that is supposed to cool everyone down.

Instead of things cooling off it seems everyone is very tense and on edge.  Most of these people are career criminals and have nothing to live for.  They don’t care about trouble. They don’t have families that are awaiting their dismissal from prison.  So they cause trouble.  They take what they want, they do what they want and don’t care who they hurt in the process. For a person like Kent he walks the straight and narrow because he doesn’t want trouble he wants to do his time and come home to his family.  He is so worried someone will plant something in his locker or start another fight he can’t walk away from and get more time. An inmate in his area lost twenty some days of good behavior over something he had no control over.

Today when Kent called he was asking me to call the Assistant Warden and ask him what was going on with Kents transfer. Kent was being told by a counselor that they now didn’t know what they were going to do with Kent. I hung up with Kent, finished my lunch and came home to start finding out what I could do to help him.

I tried calling the prison.  The phone rang for five minutes before the receiver was lifted up.  No one said,”anything,” I finally hung up.  You can’t get to a person unless they either answer or you have a extention to put in.  I didn’t have an extension and I couldn’t find one anywhere on the internet. I tried calling the BOP in Washington D.C.  The voicemail says if you are trying to find out information about a particular inmate call the prison they are in.  I called back, this time someone answered.  Of course the Warden is not available, call back.  I called back a couple hours later this time I had an extension as I had asked for it in my previous phone call.  I had to leave a voicemail.

I called Senator Grassley’s office once again.  I told them the dangerous situation Kent is in.  They said, “call us next week if he doesn’t get moved and they will contact the prison.” Ugh…Ok…So I will wait.  I’m filling myself up with Gods word, praying and listening to Godly teaching.

“Let suffering be the door you walk through that draws you to deeper intimacy with Jesus. Let it play its sanctifying role.”

“He will use pain to expose our false beliefs about our hearts and about his heart. He will use it to prick a place in us that has been wounded here before, to reveal our brokenness so that God can heal it. He will use suffering to reveal Jesus’s faithfulness, kindness, and unending love for us.”

Excerpts From: Stasi Eldredge. “Becoming Myself.” iBooks.








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