Another Reason to Praise Our Father

I have been on cloud nine since about two this afternoon.  I got a call from Kent saying the assistant warden of the prison came to him and said he is to much trouble.  They are moving him to Thomson Prison in Thomson, Illinois. Just three and a half hours away right over the Mississippi. That’s where my hubby is being moved to.  I am beyond thankful ecstatic.  No words for what I am feeling right now.

Hubby has and will continue to be delivered from the hands of the enemy.  He and me and we will bring glory to God and help those who are forgotten and unwanted in prison.  God is bringing our ministry into fruition and I am beyond words.

Earlier today, I was beyond frustrated for the millionth time.  You see I have the immense pleasure of watching my youngest grandson each day.  My frustration comes from not knowing where the gosh darn wipes are when I need to change him.  They are never anywhere to be found.  I had for the millionth time in my brain said, “I’m going to text Makala and tell her I want a plethora of wipes in this house.” I didn’t text her, just as I hadn’t texted her the million other times I was frustrated because I can’t find the gosh darn wipes.

God has a sense of humor.  I hadn’t told anyone of my frustration with this situation as it is quite petty.  I went to my dads tonight and he had a huge box of diaper wipes for me.  Yes, he got injured carrying them into his house-two broken fingernails and a hurt shin from dropping them on himself.  But, I got the wipes and Brantlee will have a clean toosh!  I can’t quit laughing.  I know its silly.  I just know it was God working on my behalf and I am so thankful, giddy grateful for the wipes and that Kent is getting moved.  Praise God.  That’s all I can say or think right now.

Thank you all for your donations, prayers and kind words.  You are so appreciated.  I love you all.

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