Talking to an old friend

While reaching out to an old classmate of Kent’s today that had been a correctional officer in the federal system,  I have been reassured Kent will not be starved to death.   It would take awhile to starve my hubby.  It still breaks my heart not being able to provide healthy, nutritious meals for him.  After being married for over 27 years I know what to feed the man.  It is kinda nice to just have the kids to cook for, because they have to eat what I make just because I say so…but I would do anything to have him here to cook for.

Last night our 15 year old son had a couple friends spend the night.  Remember I said I was trying to get motivated to clean the house up a bit?  I decided to start with the oven.  It has a self clean cycle that is different than ovens I’ve had before.  Its supposed to steam the oven and loosen all the debris. I’ve used it before and it works so so, but I let the oven get dirtier than I usually do.   I ran that cycle, I don’t think one morsel was loosened this time.  So I turned to you tube.  Video after video said, make a paste out of baking soda and water. “I say that with a high pitched voice, spread that over the oven and leave over night.”  I did that.  I told the kids, ” DON’T USE THE OVEN!!” Noah decided that at 4 a.m. mom didn’t mean “DON’T USE THE OVEN.”  So…I awoke to an awful smell and knew exactly what was going on.  I mean what else do teenage boys turn the oven on except for pizza rolls.  The crap they have to buy themselves and sneak into the kitchen because this mama won’t get it for them.

So you ask, “did the paste work?” No, it did not.  I resorted to oven cleaner.  I don’t think I have bought that in years.  My self clean cycle always worked like a charm, but not this new steam clean crap.  No thank you.  Scrub, scrub scrub.  That’s what its going  to take to get that oven clean.  I will work on it again tomorrow after church.  We will just use the crock pot to eat tomorrow I guess.

I want to address the very few nasty messages I get.  The ones that say I don’t feel sorry for you or you’re getting what you deserve, rot in hell.  Maybe I shouldn’t address them at all, but I just want to let you know because I won’t address you individually that the hate and disdain you feel against me or Kent or our family isn’t harmful to us.  I couldn’t be honest and transparent about what we are going through if I cared what people thought about us.  That hate has to be eating away at you.  Its permeating every part of you.  Until you learn to give that up and rely on our creator you will be  miserable.  Me and I’m sure others who read about what you have to say about us will pray for you.  I pray you can find peace in your life, because I know causing pain to others is just a release for you and I hope you can be an over comer like we have.  We have overcome so much in our lives and will continue to do so.  I will continue to post whats going on in my and the kids life while Kent is away.  I will also post what I find out is going on with Kent and the other inmates.  I’m excited to see how God is going to work all this for his glory.





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