Tools of Satan are often Gods Greatest Gifts

p1010322As Much as I would like to take credit for that title I just heard it in a sermon and it spoke volumes to me. One thing Kent and I have learned and personally witnessed is that sometimes  it takes great tidal waves to move us from our comfort zones in order to prepare us for something else. Kent has said and shared numerous times that if it took this to save our marriage or for him to realize how important his family is he would go through it again. Of course, he said that before he was sentenced to prison 🙂  Though I’m confident he still feels that way.When we got involved in politics Kent wasn’t really even that interested.  It was more my passion than his from listening to talk radio and the social issues that were hitting us at the time.  In fact, the first time we went to the capital I had to beg Kent to go with me.  Once Kent was involved and elected we thought it would be a family affair which turned out to be way more time consuming and taxing than anything.

We look back now and didn’t realize how far we had drifted apart just in the simple daily things in life.  We were going in so many different directions and when Kent was home he was never really here.  He was on the phone, the computer and people randomly showing up at our house.  We lost six years of wrestling tournaments, gymnastics, soccer games and down time as a family.  This may not be the norm for every legislator, but when Kent does something he goes all in.  Like the time I had him coach our older sons soccer team.  The next thing I know he’s coaching both older kids teams and president of the soccer club.

Once Kent left the Senate and we were being scrutinized by the public we fell into a state of nothingness.  Shortly after that we were raided by the FBI. Not really knowing what to do with our lives at that point,  we felt we couldn’t make plans for the future not knowing what was to happen.  Neither of us really left the house for several years unless necessary. Kent was working from home which was something new to get accustomed to.  Being together so much really helped us reconnect with each other.  That being said falling into such a state of despair and not turning to God immediately has come with a price.

I’m sure over the next several months I will talk about some things, but looking back now and finally focusing on God we can see this was all a tool of satan. Did satan want Kent in the legislature? I’m sure not.  But has leaving the legislature ruined our life? Definitely not.  In fact, we recognize now more than ever because of that experience how much our family and each other mean to us.  So that is the gift from God.

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.





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