We have and We Will

fullsizeoutput_3a4We have and we will will is because Kent and I have overcome circumstances that most couples have not and could not overcome.  And we will because we will overcome our current circumstances and stand in victory once again.

Tonight is less than three weeks before my husband of 27 years has to report to a Maximum Security Prison.  Exactly three weeks from now, Tuesday March 14th at 9:00 pm I will have been without him for 7 hours.  That’s just the beginning of our long 15 month sentence.  Feelings are really raw right now.  Emotions are running high.  We are having many ups and downs in how we feel.  Its so weird to be excited for him to go to prison to see the miracles that God will have to perform for us to survive.  Then be crying and saying why must God strip us of so much.  So we are up and down as I’m sure we will be for some time.  But, his word says he will give us peace that surpasses understanding and I think that’s exactly where the excitement comes from.

Our lives have been on hold for over three years.  Kent began cooperating with the FBI in his case immediately.  He wholeheartedly cooperated in hopes that he would be given a lighter sentence than the others accused in his case. He did this because preserving his family is and always has been the most important thing to him.  That reality was dashed when we went to court before a politically active judge on January 17th, 2017.  Despite the prosecutions recommendations for probation only and arguing numerous times with the judge, Kent was sentenced to 15 months in Federal Prison.

While this was absolutely unfathomable to us after him being on probation for two and a half years and putting our lives on hold for longer than that, being promised a lighter sentence and then being given five times the sentence of the other guys.  Why did we cooperate?  What was our purpose?  Why didn’t he just get sentenced all those years ago? He/We have received no benefit for cooperating.

And now it just keeps getting better, while for the past month we have had to come to terms with him going to prison we get notice that he is being sent to a higher than maximum security prison.  The only thing higher is a super max which houses serial killers, child molesters, serial rapists, terrorists and high risk escapees.  Why on earth would someone never convicted of such heinous crimes go to the type of place my husband is being sentenced to? Could it be a vendetta? Was it the judges political views? Was it Kents work against the supreme court justices and his work to get three of them unseated?  It is God and God alone.  No one can touch us that he doesn’t allow.  No one can sentence him to anything that God doesn’t allow.  So for now we are following all avenues to have him moved and appealing the sentence, but we are fully aware that God has the final say.  Not us or any judge or Bureau of Prisons has the final say.  Just God.

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